Synovial hyperemia and fibrosis

Synovial hyperemia and fibrosis Z-IETD-FMK clinical trial were present at the site of OC injury.

Conclusion: Acute OC injury to the MCP joint resulted in clinical, imaging, and histologic changes in cartilage and synovium characteristic of early PTOA. This model will be useful for defining biomarkers of early osteoarthritis and for monitoring response to therapy and surgery. (C) 2013 Osteoarthritis Research Society International. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“Background: Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a therapeutic protein used for

ovulation induction in women with infertility. Dong-A Pharm. Co. has developed recombinant hCG (rhCG) [product code DA-3803] produced in Chinese hamster ovary cells check details and evaluated its

biologic properties, such as biologic potency, efficacy, and pharmacokinetic profile, compared with a reference product, Ovidrel (R).

Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of the purification process of Dong-A rhCG (DA-3803) and its bioequivalence from a biosimilar perspective.

Methods: The efficiency of the purification process was estimated through scale-down clearance studies for viruses, endotoxins, host cell DNAs (HCDs) and host cell proteins (HCPs). To confirm bioequivalence, the in vivo/in vitro biologic potency, ovulation induction rate, and pharmacokinetic profile of DA-3803 were compared with those of Ovidrel (R).

Results: In the clearance studies, the lowest log reduction value (LRV) for model viruses was 8.43. LRVs for endotoxins, HCDs, and HCPs were greater than 5.27, 16.36, and 3.37,

respectively. DA-3803 showed equivalent potency with Ovidrel (R), and similarity between DA-3803 and Ovidrel (R) was observed in an efficacy evaluation that measured ovulation induction. The bioequivalence was also confirmed in a rat pharmacokinetic study, which compared pharmacokinetic parameters such as maximum serum concentration, area under the concentration-time curve, time to reach maximum serum concentration, and half-life. In a comparison of different isoform groups of DA-3803, it was shown that the potency and pharmacokinetic LY2090314 profile depend on the sialic acid content.

Conclusion: The purification process of DA-3803 was effective in removing the major process impurities, and DA-3803 showed similar biologic properties to the reference drug, Ovidrel (R).”
“Objective: Relative contributions of genetic and mechanical factors to osteoarthritis (OA) remain ill-defined. We have used a joint loading model found to produce focal articular cartilage (AC) lesions, to address whether genetic susceptibility to OA in Str/ort mice is related to AC vulnerability to mechanical trauma and whether joint loading influences spontaneous OA development. We also develop finite element (FE) models to examine whether AC thickness may explain any differential vulnerability to load-induced lesions.

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