8 per 100 persons Nearly one-third (32%) reported at least one E

8 per 100 persons. Nearly one-third (32%) reported at least one ED visit in the 6 months preceding the interview. Of those visiting the ED, the median was 1 visit per person (range 1–12). Of those with an ED visit, 46% made more than one visit in 6 months. Per patient report, reasons for the most recent ED visit were (1) to treat an BMS-354825 nmr HIV-related illness (30%), (2) to treat a non-HIV-related illness (45%), (3) to treat an accident (14%), (4) for drug- or alcohol-related reasons (3%), and (5) for pregnancy (0.3%), with 8% missing. For the

most recent ED visit, over three-quarters (77%) were self-referrals, and only 22% of visits were a result of provider referral. For the most recent ED visit, 26% of those seeking emergency care for HIV-related illness were referred to the ED by the provider, and 22% of those seeking care for non-HIV-related illness were referred by the provider, a nonsignificant difference. Table 3 presents results of a logistic regression analysis of factors associated with any ED visit, conducted on 913 patients with complete data. High levels of pain (third

or fourth quartile), having more than seven primary care visits in the last 6 months, current or former illicit drug use, Medicaid insurance, and female gender remained LGK-974 chemical structure associated with ED utilization when other variables were controlled. Clinical variables – such as CD4 cell count, HIV-1 RNA, or HAART usage – were not significantly associated with any ED utilization. Thirty-nine per cent of patients who visited the ED (n=121) were subsequently admitted to the hospital from the ED on at least one occasion. The probability of having an admission from the ED was associated with the number of ED visits, rising from 32% of those with one ED visit, to 41% of those with two ED visits, to 67% of those with three or more

visits (results not shown). Table 4 reports results of a multivariate Cetuximab concentration logistic regression of any in-patient admission from the ED (n=280). The odds of admission to the hospital from the ED were greater for patients who made six or more primary care visits vs. three or fewer. Patients with CD4 counts <200 cells/μL were more likely to be admitted than those with CD4 counts >500 cells/μL. Patients reporting the highest level of pain also reported relatively high odds of admission from the ED, although the set of variables representing pain quartiles was not jointly significant. Patients who were retired had higher odds of being admitted from the ED than patients who were employed, but the overall effect of employment status on in-patient admissions was not significant. ED utilization was high in this multiclinic, multistate sample of HIV-infected patients. In this study, 32% visited the ED once or more within 6 months, and the 6-month ED attendance rate was 62.8 per 100 persons. Inspection of HIVRN medical record data showed that the 1-year visit rate was approximately twice the 6-month rate.

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